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photography - through the prism of industrial

"Through the prism of industrial" is the title of the art project presented below, whose aim is to create a rich photographic documentation of industrial and post-industrial motifs, industrial architecture and also post-industrial objects that have acquired a new function. The emerging work gives a new character to the photographed objects while removing their utility function.

The photographs are taken in the area of the "The Industrial Monuments Route of Silesian Voivodeship", which is abundant in the largest amount of this kind of objects in Poland. The project will be completed in October this year. The emerging work is published on the website and will be on display during an individual project exhibition.

The project is implemented as a scholarship by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.


photography - ostrava: city

photography - ostrava: industrial

photography - katowice railway st.: yesterday

photography - katowice railway st.: today